Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 493 – Jay Jones – The Five Most Important Tips For Entrepreneur Success In 2024

As we’re about to move into 2024, every entrepreneur wants to grow and scale their business. If your business is not growing, that means it’s going backward. There is no such thing as standing still as an entrepreneur.

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode number 493 as he gives you five of the most important tips for growing and scaling your business in 2024.



1  Eliminate Wasted time, People, and Information Overload

Many entrepreneurs are in the business of gathering and holding onto distractions, people, and too much information. In order to grow your business in 2024 you have to embrace the term “eliminate.” You want to eliminate the things that are holding you back including distractions, people, and information overload.

  • Wasted Time – anything that is distracting you from your entrepreneurial success needs to be eliminated such as playing video games, watching too much TV, oversleeping, or laziness.
  • People – anyone who is not supportive of your dreams needs to be eliminated or minimized as it pertains to becoming successful. There are only two types of people – givers or takers. People that drain your energy need to be removed from your life and that includes family and friends. You don’t have to totally remove them but keep certain people at a distance that have negative energy or energy that is not conducive to your success.
  • Information Overload – Many times as entrepreneurs we take in so much information that it confuses us. Find reputable and reliable sources to get your information from and get rid of the others. Declutter your mind. Remember, a confused mind can’t make decisions.

2  Focus

Many entrepreneurs have what I call “entrepreneur ADD.” Meaning we get easily distracted by a shiny new business idea, or we go down rabbit holes looking at all the possible business ideas that we have. Understand, entrepreneurs’ minds work a little differently than other so learn to focus on the task at hand and keep the main thing the main thing.

3  Think

An entrepreneur only does three things. Think – Create – Execute. So let’s start with thinking. Thinking is the genesis of every company or business enterprise that was ever formed. It all starts with a thought. The problem is that many entrepreneurs don’t take time to think on a daily basis. I mean really think; like setting aside a set amount of time to think every day for just 30 minutes without doing anything else. I use the first 30 minutes of my day when I wake up – before I check email and my phone or anything else. Understand the importance of practicing daily thought and planning. Thinking is the easiest part.

4  Create

Next, you have to create. Create your business plan, your proof of concept, your product or service, your sales system, your fulfillment system, and your referral system to start. This is your foundation for success. All the other systems and infrastructure can be done afterward. Creating is harder than thinking.

5  Execute

This is where the rubber hits the road. Thinking is the easiest thing entrepreneurs do, creating is harder, and execution is the hardest. Execution is the act or process of executing: a carrying through of something to its finish. put a plan into execution.


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