Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 508 – Jay Jones – 3 Simple Hacks To Increase Your Sales Today

The lifeblood of every business is sales. If you’re not making consistent sales, you will be out of business quickly. Many successful entrepreneurs can increase their sales by doing simple things that positively affect the bottom line.

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 508 as he gives you three simple hacks to increase your cart value that you can implement right now.



As entrepreneurs or salespeople, we know that if we don’t make sales we don’t stay in business, so on today’s show I’m going to give you several simple tips/hacks on how to increase your average sales order by just doing a few simple things.

1  Add Ancillary Products As An Upsell (via PLR products or your own)

Find or create ancillary products that you can add as an upsell to your primary product or service. If you have something that will enhance or improve your primary product that is a great start.

Where do you find these products or services? You can create them or find private-label products or affiliate products. To find private label products you can go to To find affiliate products to sell you can go to or

Example Physical product upsell: you sell grills and you offer a set of grilling tools as an upsell.

Example digital product upsell: you sell an online course on “how to generate leads for your business” and your upsell is a copy of 10 of the most responsive lead magnet templates for any business.

Example: service upsell: you are an accountant who specializes in working with small businesses. Your primary service is tax preparation, but you upsell your monthly bookkeeping and auditing services.

2  Change Your Single Offer To Multiple Offers

Many times companies make a single offer, but giving customers the option of multiple offers can increase your average sales ticket. You see this in the auto industry every day with the different versions of car models – the base model and the upgraded model and it allows customers to feel more in control.

Example: My new book “Unlocking The Power Of ChatGPT. I have the $24.95 offer and the $47 offer. This gives the consumer several preset offers to choose from.

Example: for a service company like a car wash – basic wash and wax, vs wash wax vacuum and tire shine, vs full detail

Example with a digital product: software where it’s one monthly price if you pay monthly vs a lower price per month if you pay annually.

3  Increase Your Prices

This is a simple technique to just increase your prices slightly where it doesn’t reduce your number of sales but it increases your total revenue. There is a fine line you must balance. Increasing prices too much without a perceived value can cause a reduced number of transactions. So, a $1 increase per unit sold can make a big difference annually.


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