Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 441 – Jay Jones – Don’t Let Your Entrepreneur Dream Die

Today I just want to talk to you and give you some encouragement. I’m not going to give you actionable steps per se, but I’m going to give you food for thought. Many times, we end up living a life totally different from what we expected. Our dreams have been dashed by life, by circumstances – real or imagined, and our mindset.

On today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 441, Jay speaks from the heart and gives you the encouragement you need to keep your entrepreneur dreams alive.

not Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 441


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QUOTE: Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. Stuart Scott

Today’s show was inspired by one of my favorite songs: Fast Car analogy – Tracy Chapman. This is a song about two young kids who had dreams of living a great life after high school, but life didn’t turn out the way they wanted, and they morphed into a life that was totally unfulfilled. This may hit a nerve with some of you listening today as you may have expectations unfulfilled. I hope this helps you change your current circumstances.

My Perspective Now Versus When I Was Younger

  • As I get older, I start to see life from a new perspective. I’m almost looking at it from now to the past versus now to the future.
  • I ask myself “what would my life be like if I let my dream die?” And that’s a hard thing to look at. Don’t let that be you.

Most people look to the future for the things they aspire to, I do that also, but I never have to answer to myself for letting my entrepreneurial dream die. If you can’t dream, you’re already dead.

Here are The Facts

You’re going to fail, but you have to keep pushing forward.

You’re going to have detractors, but you have to ignore them

You’re going to have self-doubt but you have to believe

You’re going to be scared but you must have courage

You’re going to want to quit but you must have faith

When the dream dies, a part of you dies

This Is YOUR Dream

  • Remember, this dream was given to you, not anybody else. So don’t expect others to quickly jump on the bandwagon.
  • Many of your detractors will be jealous because they don’t have the courage to make their dreams come true.

When you don’t follow your dreams, what are the alternatives?

⁃ Not living your purpose and not living in your genius

⁃ Being unfulfilled

⁃ Working a job so key for the money

⁃ Doing things you don’t want to do because you haven’t found another alternative

⁃ Always wondering what if

⁃ Not living up to your potential

⁃ Not using the tools God gave you to the maximum potential

Ask yourself

  • What is my dream?
  • What does my dream life look like and why am I not pursuing it?
  • What steps can I take to get there?

Remember, when your dream dies, part of you dies also.

Outro – Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

If you haven’t heard fast car by Tracy Chapman, here it is, and listen to the words. I’m gonna do my regular close and play fast car as an outro


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