Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 417 – Jay Jones – The Power Of Becoming An Authentic Entrepreneur

Many people and entrepreneurs are living unauthentic lives and running unauthentic businesses and unfortunately, it’s not helping them become the best person or entrepreneur they can become. On today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 417, Jay discusses how becoming an authentic entrepreneur will increase your sales and create alignment and fulfillment in your business.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 417



Authentic definition – of undisputed origin; genuine. you’re true to your own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that you’re under to act otherwise.

Opposite of authentic – fake, artificial, faux

Here are some areas you need to focus on to become an authentic entrepreneur:

  • Be authentic in your business choice – what business idea is near and dear to your heart, and what motivates you to engage in this type of business? Example: You love teaching kids; you can start an afterschool tutoring program or teach kids something constructive like coding or entrepreneurship
  • Make money being Authentic – Be authentic and make money doing what you love doing. Example: You love baking, and you open a bakery.
  • Create a lifestyle that’s Authentic to you – What does your ideal lifestyle look like and how can you create your business around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your business? Example: I wanted to be present at all my kid’s events (sports, school events, extracurricular events, college tours, chaperones on school trips, etc.) so eCommerce was what made sense to me.
  • Be the Authentic You – Don’t change your personality to build an audience. Many entrepreneurs change their personalities on social media because they think they will attract more followers. The truth is, whoever is supposed to be attracted to you, will be attracted to you. Be authentic in who you are. Your message won’t resonate with everybody, but it will resonate with the people it’s supposed to. Example: My show resonates with a certain demographic based on my personality and content. There are other people that are in my space, and they resonate with a different audience demographic.
  • Be Authentic in who you want to serve – Develop products or services that serve who you want to serve. Who is your authentic target audience and what goal, or transformation can you help them achieve? Example: I am unapologetically servicing the Black community and I may get suppressed on social media for that reason but I’m authentic with mine.
  • Be Authentic with your time – Determine how much time you spend on your business and learn how to unplug. Remember that in order to run at maximum efficiency you must get adequate rest. That outwork you BS is trash. Strive for a balanced life.


  1. It aligns with your true self/nature and makes life and work more enjoyable
  2. It gives you fulfillment in your business and your life
  3. It will increase your chances of success and exponentially improve your sales and revenues

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