Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 398 – Jay Jones – Where There’s Traffic, There’s Money – How To Get Your Traffic And Money

If you’re able to get your product or service in front of the right traffic, you have an opportunity to build a successful business. In addition to getting in front of the right traffic, you have to make sure you have the right offer/message, the right pricing, and the right positioning. On today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 398, Jay is going to break down how to get in front of the right traffic and make money.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 398



In today’s climate, the ability to cut through all the noise and grab someone’s attention can be the difference between a successful business and a failing business. There are large pockets of existing traffic that are just waiting for a winning product or service to present itself, but how do we get in front of that traffic and how do we hold their attention? A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years. Are we damaging our brains, or is it a question of producing the right content to get people to stop, listen and buy?

There are two ways to get in front of the right traffic:

  1. Jump into a stream of existing traffic
  2. Create your own stream of traffic

#1 Jump Into A Stream Of Existing Traffic

Find out where your target audience congregates:

  • What social media accounts do they follow?
  • What do they read (blogs, magazines, social media accounts, newsletters, etc.)?
  • Where do they communicate with each other (FB group, paid community, Clubhouse, IG Live, Twitter spaces, etc.)?
  • What do they watch (tv shows, documentaries, YouTube videos,)?
  • What do they listen to (radio, podcasts)?

For Example: Say you sell CrossFit equipment or gear like t-shirts or gloves. Here are a few CrossFit groups you can join and possibly advertise your product or mention your product to the group (I tried these Jay Jones CrossFit gloves and they’re the best I’ve used). CrossFit News 144,000 members, Crossfitters Buy/Sell/Trade 21,000 members, CrossFit WOD 71,000 members, CrossFit Masters Athletes 22,000 members. CrossFit on IG 800,000 followers, crossfittraining 985,000 followers, and CrossFit games having 1.2 million followers.

  • Can you run ads to these groups?
  • Can you post content with links or recommendations to your products or services?
  • Can you create useful content and lead magnets to build your database of prospective customers?

# 2 Create Your Own Stream Of Traffic

You can build your own platform to connect with your target audience.

There are three forms of media: owned, earned, and paid

Owned media – is media that you own and control such as a podcast, a blog, an email database, your social media following is not owned but it can be leveraged. You can communicate with owned media at any time for no additional cost because you own it.

Earned media – is media that you do not pay for that is earned, like a website doing a story on your business, a podcast interview you do on someone else’s show, a news article written about you, or a tv show appearance, somebody sharing a post or retweeting a tweet. Your efforts have earned this media attention

Paid media – is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the media attention that you pay for like IG ads, FB ads, tv ads, Google ads, podcast ads, direct mail, radio ads,

Let’s talk about creating your own traffic – which is owned media – and the benefits.

You own it and control it and nobody can take it away from you. It allows you the ability to communicate whenever and however you want at any time. Owned media is free once you have acquired that audience member and put them into your database.

  • You can create social media accounts for your target audience
  • You can create blogs, magazines, or newsletters for your target audience
  • You can create forums to communicate with your target audience like FB Groups, IG Live, Twitter Space, and Clubhouse
  • You can create video content for your audience like YouTube videos and a YouTube channel
  • You can create a podcast for your audience


In order to get the money, you need to have:

  1. The right offer or message
  2. The right pricing
  3. The right positioning

The right offer or message

Your offer or message needs to make your audience respond to your call to action. Are you solving a problem (moving them away from pain) improve your credit, stop foreclosure, lose weight, or are you moving them closer to pleasure, like a money-making business opportunity, new job, nicer living conditions, better health, better relationships, etc.?

The right pricing

What does your offer cost? Does your offer provide value as it pertains to the cost? Is your price commensurate with the solution? The bigger the problem you solve the more you can charge (tax lien that could get your bank account frozen). Is your pricing aligned with the value you provide?

The right positioning

Have you positioned your product or service correctly? High end, mid-priced – low end. Are your pricing, product, and positioning aligned? If not, you will not make sales.


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