Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 390 – Jay Jones – The BEB Rebrand And Why You May Want To Rebrand Also

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 390 as he dives into the psychology of the BEB rebrand and why you may want to think about rebranding also. Jay also discusses the benefits of rebranding and gives you some ideas that may help you grow your business.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 390



On today’s episode, we are going to dive into the psychology of the BEB rebrand and why you may want to think about rebranding also. We’re also going to talk about the benefits of rebranding and give you some ideas that may help you grow your business.


“In order to get bigger, you have to get smaller” – meaning that I need to leverage the resources and content I’ve created to reach more people and scale myself by promoting and leveraging the website. I WANT THE BEB WEBSITE TO DO THE HEAVY LIFTING AND BECOME “THE” GO-TO RESOURCE FOR ALL BLACK ENTREPRENEURS.

WHY WE EXIST (BEB) – Let’s first talk about why we exist:

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint

We exist to impact the Black community by teaching the tenants of building wealth by recognizing, understanding, and leveraging entrepreneurship and asset ownership. With a structured and systematic use of this wealth, we can positively impact economics, our educational system, media narratives, and politics, to build a level playing field for Black people worldwide.

“There’s No Revolution Without Economics.” – Jay Jones


To build an economic power base in the worldwide Black community to positively impact economic and social conditions for the Black community worldwide.


Our vision is to help our people build and support successful, sustainable Black-owned businesses and circulate our dollars in our own community thereby strengthening us as a people by creating ownership, wealth, and independence.


We must value ourselves first and foremost. We value community above individuals. We value businesses that provide products and services that give life to our community, not death. We value the opportunity to serve. We value integrity and honesty. We value the worldwide Black community. We value love.


  • New Website – designed to take each person on a customized journey to find the content and resources that you’re interested in. The learning content is broken down into several content buckets including: Marketing, Ecommerce, Scaling your business, courses, strategy & mindset, real estate, business ideas & side hustles, and building wealth. We also have a blog page with new and innovative content
  • New brand logo – the red, black, and green fist as opposed to the microphone. The fist represents power; specifically, power to the people.
  • New podcast cover – also reflects the fist and the colors
  • New Intro music *** – thanks to my man Mr. Kenneth “Talent” Davis – Producer/Engineer/Musician – Connect with him at go************@gm***.com
  • More learning resources for entrepreneurs – including checklists, workshops, webinars, master classes, online course, and more live events with expert teachers, and roundtables
  • Financing / Funding Opportunities – on the new site we have financing options for your business and we are also in the process of rolling out a crowdfunding platform for companies that are looking to raise capital
  • More interviews – we are going to have more guests on the show on the BEB podcast and the “Ask Jay Live” podcast. We are also going to start doing IG live sessions with some of our guests so you can listen to the podcast and then ask them questions live.
  • Focus on Hot Topics – like Metaverse 3.0, crypto and NFT’s
  • Affordable Advertising opportunities – for BEB family members and other businesses to promote your business on the platform, you can get a media kit on the website under “resources” tab and then click on advertise
  • New Monthly content for the BEB Academy – or the option to invest in the individual courses.
  • A new BEB Community – where the BEB Family can connect with each other and communicate and collaborate with each other.


There are many benefits of rebranding your business. Here are just a few:

  1. Creates excitement by rebranding and refreshing your current brand
  2. Repositioning – to attract new audiences or become more appealing to their target audience. Walmart changed its’ tag line from “Always Low Prices” to “Save Money Live Better.”
  3. Connect with a new audience – The biggest advantage to refreshing the look and feel of your brand is the ability to reach new customers. When you focus on new aspects of your business and promote them correctly, people will take notice. Rebranding can offer the stimulation your business needs to create new growth in an ever-evolving market.
  4. Stay Current – Rebranding has one simple goal:  to keep your brand current. Design trends play a major role in how potential or current customers perceive your company and all it has to offer. Ensuring that your look is always ahead of the curve shows your customers that you pay attention to the trends within your industry.
  5. Improving Your Bottom Line – The benefits of rebranding will not only impact your overall inbound strategy, but they’ll make your company more profitable. Reaching new potential clients, standing out from your competitors, showcasing your expertise, and expanding the influence and reach of your products and services are all effective ways to increase your profits just by giving your brand and new look.
  6. Differentiate from the Competition – Branding is all about competitive differentiation. But you’d be surprised how few companies are able to effectively communicate—or even identify—their key differentiators. Sales and business growth can be extremely challenging when you don’t have clearly articulated differentiators. Both your employees and your customers must understand why your brand is superior to the competition. One of the most valuable benefits of rebranding is that it can help you clearly define your key differentiators, including your competitive advantage.
  7. Reduced Marketing Costs – The cohesive, well-articulated brand that emerges from a successful rebranding initiative increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all your marketing efforts. Better understanding your audience enables you to develop campaigns with highly relevant copywriting targeted at your most valuable customer segments. No more wasted effort in scattershot messaging.
  8. Attract top talent – The best brands have a way of attracting the best talent. Not just the most impressive resumes, mind you, but the talent that is best suited to their unique needs and goals. A strong employer brand attracts the most motivated and talented folks from the competitive job pool. It ensures you’re interviewing candidates aligned with your core values and committed to delivering on your brand promise. Among the internal benefits of rebranding is that it enables you to redefine your brand not just for your customers, but for your current and future employees as well.
  9. Increases the value of your company – The increased brand equity that comes from rebranding is a powerful thing. Not only does it enable you to increase the price point of your products or services, but it also has a measurable effect on share price as well. Rebranding positively impacts customer perception, which positively impacts customer behavior, which positively impacts your brand’s financial performance. One of the most valuable long-term benefits of rebranding is that your brand becomes a more valuable asset when it comes time to sell the company. Much like the renovations you make to your home over the years, rebranding is an investment whose dividends pay off even more if and when you decide to exit the company.

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