New Ecommerce Course Geared For Black Entrepreneurs Goes Live May 1, 2018

The number of ecommerce entrepreneurs continues to rise as the worldwide economy truly becomes a worldwide marketplace. That bodes well for many part-time and full-time entrepreneurs as they leverage technology and social media to build six and seven figure businesses in relatively short periods of time. Jay Jones, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast has been a major proponent of ecommerce for years. After closing his mortgage business in 2010 after the financial collapse, he knew he had to reinvent himself and his business. “After I shut the mortgage business down, I knew that I had to find a way to create a business around my lifestyle as opposed to creating a business that I was a slave to”, says Jones. “My business partners and I made tremendous sums of money over those ten years, but with a staff of over 40 plus employees, and the demands of running a multiple offices, it began to take a toll on my personal life and the time I spent with my family”. “I knew that when I came back this time, I wanted to focus on more of the things I enjoyed and not have to worry about employees” says Jones. Jones has been very successful crafting his “best life” this time around and he attributes much of that to his successful ecommerce businesses. “I was able to go to all of my daughters field hockey games her last three years in high school because I had passive income from my ecommerce businesses”. Jones also stated that he did not miss a single game; home game, away game, summer league game, AAU game, or even a scrimmage the last three years, including traveling to Florida and other states for their travel teams. “Many of the parents used to ask me what I did for a living, because I was always present at the games”. Jones said that he feels so blessed to be able to share those times and create lasting memories with his children and wife. “I wouldn’t change it for the world” says Jones.

As the podcast host of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint, Jones would often give his listeners strategies and tactics he used to build his ecommerce business and he began to notice a trend. "Many of my podcast listeners started reaching out to me to coach them and help them start their own ecommerce businesses, but I didn't have the time to help them all" says Jones. Then he realized that there was a way to give his listeners the information via an online course. "My podcast has always been about helping people move from point A to point B with actionable steps, so I knew that I had to create this course for people who want more than just my new book" says Jones. Jones' new book is about to be released in early May. The book is titled "A New Black Wall Street - Circulating The Black Dollar Worldwide By Building Successful Ecommerce Businesses - 12 Steps to 6 figures In 12 Months (part-time)". "My course is the online companion to the book, because they are two different mediums, you have the ability to communicate more in depthly with the online course" says Jones.

Jones is a big proponent of ecommerce because he says that it can alleviate the two biggest concerns that most people seem to have about starting a business; time and money. Jones says that "With ecommerce you are able to start your business part-time while you keep your job, and the barrier to entry is very manageable if you know what you're doing". "I tell people that it's not a get-rich-quick scheme, ecommerce is a science, and you have to think of yourself as a scientist who's trying to create that magic formula; there is a lot of trial and error involved," says Jones. Jones stated, "That's why I created the course, to help people shorten the learning curve and not have to make all the mistakes I made". Jones new course can be found at and there are two payment options. "I wanted this course to be affordable to people who were serious about building a business, all businesses take investments, why not invest in yourself" says Jones.

By Karen P. Wells
Freelance Journalist


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