How To Build A Simple & Profitable Lead Generation System In 24 Hours

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 377 as he discusses the framework of a simple lead generation system you can create in 24 hours. If you can generate quality leads, you will always make money. To attend the “No BS Lead generation” training go to


The reason most businesses fail is that they don’t have enough prospects to sell to. Imagine if you had an automated system that created a consistent amount of quality leads each day, how would that make you feel?

Today we’re going to discuss the framework of how to create a simple and profitable lead generation system in 24 hours.

All leads are not created equal:

Characteristics of good leads and bad leads:

Good Leads

Bad Leads

Person or company has an interest in your product or service Person or company does not have an interest in your product or service
Company or person is ready, willing, and able to buy your product or service Company or person is not ready, willing, and able to buy your product or service
A person or company has the potential to be a future customer Person or company is not potential to be a future customer


Example: You sell surfboards and you’re advertising in the senior citizen’s magazine.

Framework for a simple lead generation system and how to implement it:

The 5 M’s of Marketing:

  1. The Right Message – you must have the right message that connects with your prospective customers. What do your prospective customers want or need? Are you helping them solve a problem?
  2. The Right Market – are you targeting a profitable market? Who is your target market and how can you serve them?
  3. The Right Medium – how does your target market like to be contacted and where do they hang out (IG, Facebook, YouTube, geographic location, events, hobbies, etc)? What is their preferred form of communication? (Example: you wouldn’t sell hearing aids via IG – that’s not a proper medium to contact your market)
  4. The Right Motivation – what will you do to motivate someone to take action? The two biggest motivating factors are “the want of gain” and “the fear of pain.”

What does the want of gain look like: more money, a bigger house, more free time, fulfillment, etc.

What does the fear of pain look like: lose weight, make more money, get a better job, etc.

  1. Measure – you must always measure your results to make sure your lead generation is profitable and not costing you money.

Let’s take a look at what this actually looks like:

  • Right Message: using a simple landing page or lead magnet with content. The content can be video, audio or written. A landing page is a page where people give you their contact info for a piece of content (lead magnet) that is valuable to them.
  • Right Market: Are you driving the right prospects to your landing page or lead magnet?
  • Right Medium: Are you using the right mediums to connect with your target customer? Is it TV, radio, social media, print, digital, etc.?
  • Right Motivation: Your lead magnet must give them a reason to act now. Are you using scarcity? Are you solving a problem? Are you helping them stop the pain? Are you helping them gain something?
  • Measure: All smart entrepreneurs understand their numbers. Is this profitable, is this going to give me a positive return on investment?

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