Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 444 – Jay Jones – How To Overcome Entrepreneur ADD

One of the biggest reasons many entrepreneurs fail is that they can’t focus. Many entrepreneurs have entrepreneur ADD, attention deficit disorder, and jump from one idea to the next without finding success.

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast # 444 as he gives you several solutions to help you focus and become a more successful entrepreneur.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 444



Many entrepreneurs are all over the place with their thoughts and ideas. We start something new before we finish what we’re currently working on. We research one thing and end up researching something else. We are so creative we can’t focus.


Get one stream of income going first before you move to the next project – You will never be able to diversify and create multiple streams of income if you can’t create the first income stream.

Reduce the number of voices you listen to and act on – there is so much content out there that it can drive you crazy. If you listen to it all you will be all over the place. Find several quality sources and take the appropriate actionable steps to build your business.

Follow your designated path, not somebody else’s – stop chasing paper and chase purpose. If we’re on a paper chase, we can be easily led anywhere. This contributes to the entrepreneur ADD. Focus on your purpose and what’s important to you. Pinpoint & Monetize Your Genius; your genius is the intersection of your passion and your talent.

Create a task list to move you through your business process – this task list will help you organize, prioritize, and stay on track to building your business. You start by writing down everything you need to do in chronological order and then you prioritize your tasks into one of three categories: Critical tasks, Primary tasks, and Secondary tasks.

  • Critical tasks – must be done before you can move forward
  • Primary tasks – are tasks that can be done outside of chronological order and are important
  • Secondary tasks – can be done at a later time and will not impede your process

Example: I’m starting my new hot sauce business: Chronological order of tasks

  1. Create a name for the hot sauce business (see if it’s available) – Critical task
  2. File for the trademark name of the sauce – Critical task
  3. Decide on a name and type of corporate entity (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole proprietor, etc.) – Primary task
  4. Form the entity – Primary task
  5. Create the formula for the hot sauce – Primary task
  6. Find a copacker for the hot sauce – Primary task
  7. Create a logo for your brand – secondary task
  8. Create a website and social media identity – secondary task

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