Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 392 – Jay Jones – The Simple Ecommerce Blueprint Decoded – Make Money In 7 Days Without Creating A Product –

If you want to learn how to sell online without all the hassles of making or creating a product, branding, building a list, and all the other time-consuming activities, this is the episode for you. Join Jay as he gives you the components you need and breaks down how to quickly create a simple eCommerce business without all the hassles that can provide you with a nice part-time or full-time income.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 392



Today’s subject matter comes from a conversation I had with my oldest daughter as she was looking to create an additional stream of income. She currently works in marketing for a large company and she’s feeling overworked and is looking to build up her assets and cash reserves by selling something online without having to do a whole lot of work like: being the face of the product, list building, branding, and all the other time-consuming activities associated with selling online.

She asked me what she should do to accomplish this and on today’s show, I’m going to break down what I told her and give you all the components you need to make this happen.


What & Why

Let’s start by breaking down the “what” and the “why” and the components you need to accomplish this. Let’s start with the “why” first.

WHY do you want to do this? To create another income stream that can be a PT income or a FT income. You may want to just bring in a few hundred dollars a month or create a full-time income and leave your job – they both are realistic.

WHAT are you doing? You’re actually building a revenue-producing asset that if done correctly will passively spin-off cash to you on a daily basis. Remember the FREEDOM EQUATION – cash flow plus passive income = FREEDOM


Here are some of the benefits to the “Simple Ecommerce Blueprint”

  • Low barrier to entry
  • You can make money quickly
  • You are building an asset
  • You don’t have to create a product
  • You own the product
  • No inventory
  • Very easy to scale
  • If you create multiple sites, you can create an ecommerce portfolio
  • You can sell products on any topic
  • You can be anonymous and make money without your boss knowing
  • You can duplicate the process with any product once you learn the syst

Components Needed

  1. Winning Product – what product are you going to sell and where are you going to find it? What are they components for a winning product: 1) good price point, meaning they are priced right 2) demonstrable, meaning they can be demonstrated 3) product solves a problem? ALSO, the simplest type of product is a digital product (no inventory, you own it, but you didn’t create it)
  2. Domain name – your product sales page must sit on a domain (preferably one that you own (not a subdomain like You want to own every aspect of this business.
  3. Landing page – the landing page is a website page that sits on the domain you own.
  4. Lead magnet – the lead magnet is a piece of quality content that you’re offering the prospect to get them to optin to your form and leave their name and email address so you can build your list (you want to own your list). The lead magnet is on the landing page
  5. Sales Funnel – this is a series of sales pages that are activated once someone requests your lead magnet. This funnel sits on your domain behind the lead magnet and takes people through a sales sequence.
  6. Email Autoresponder – in order to communicate with your prospects you need to gather emails and have a way to automatically respond to the without having to send individual emails by hand. This email autoresponder can market to your prospects with automated email campaigns.
  7. Database – your email autoresponder will gather emails and keep them in a database so you can contact them at any time.
  8. Delivery Mechanism – this is how you will deliver your product. There are several platforms available to help you like,,, – it all depends on your product
  9. Traffic – you need to have traffic to your landing page. This can be done with social media ads, native ads, other media

How It Works Overview


Make sure you go to to join the masterclass and build your eCommerce business now and start making another stream of income. ONLY $99 for the first 25 that enroll, after that the price reverts back to $149.

  • No Product – Problem solved (show you were to buy PLR products that you can call your own)
  • Need A Funnel – Problem Solved (Get a copy of my simple ecommerce funnel inside the program)
  • No Database – Problem solved (you don’t need a database to start because you’re solving a problem)
  • No Branding – Problem Solved (you can simply and easily brand your products since you own them)
  • Don’t Have A Lot of Money To Invest – Problem Solved (Literally start this business for under $100)
  • Ready To Make Money Now – Problem Solved (Turnkey system is waiting for you now – start making money now)


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