3 Unique And Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start For Under $1,000 In 2021

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint # 354

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, “how do you think up these ideas?” So, on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 353, I want to give you a glimpse inside my head as I give you several profitable business ideas I thought about pursuing but don’t have the bandwidth to do so. You may find that one of these may interest you. Visit www.BEBCOnnect.com








Today I want to talk about several unique business opportunities that you can start for under $1,000. Most of these are businesses that I researched and even contemplated doing, but don’t have the bandwidth to do so.


1. POP UP MOVIE BUSINESS: This is where you rent or buy a big inflatable movie screen and show movies outdoors in parking lots, parks, rooftops, cemeteries, etc.

NEED: screen 20 ft about $250, projector about $200, video licensing $200 to $500, possible location rental or revenue share = $1,000 Apx Startup cost

Here are the two film licensing companies that you should contact directly to secure the rights to show a movie at a public venue. The sales reps are very helpful in letting you know about the movies that are scheduled to be released on DVD right before your event.

Swank Motion Pictures at https://www.swank.com/ OR   Criterion USA at https://www.criterionpicusa.com/



HOA’s, Movies in the Park, Corporate Events, Apartment Communities, Backyard Movie Party, School Events, Pool/Dive-in, Beach, Golf Course, your local stadium or a ball field, community center, malls, rooftops,


School Gymnasiums, Garages, Lock-ins, Watch Party



http://www.tzcinema.com/ – Twilight Zone Cinema Services






Ticket fees, concessions, donations, food truck and vendor rental fees to participate, sponsorships,


2. GREETING CARD BUSINESS: Global greeting card business is 20 billion-plus. It declined slightly with covid, but the growth sector opportunity is in specialty cards (African American, Latino, and other areas).

 NEED: images or artist renderings, wording, and printing. Can print 5,000 4.25 in x 6 in greeting cards for $311.50 (.06 cents apiece) from www.Printplace.com  (greeting cards), and 5000 envelopes from www.envelopes.com for $544.95 (.11 cents each). The total cost for each card is about .17 cents. And to start this business is about $856.45.


Retail price Direct To Consumer – $4.95 profit of $4.78 = (28 times your cost)

Wholesale price – $3.50 profit of $3.33 = (19.5 times your cost)


Can sell online or wholesale to gift shops and retailers. Local retailers like purchasing from local companies. WHOLESALE WEBSITE TO SELL PRODUCTS TO RETAILERS https://www.faire.com/

Think about all the holidays and events you can sell on:

Anniversary card
Baby shower card
Birthday card
Bon voyage card
Christening card
Christmas card
Congratulations card
Easter card
Engagement card
Farewell card
Father’s Day card
Friendship card
Get well soon card
Good luck card
Graduation card
Halloween card
Love card
Mother’s Day card
New baby card
New home card
New job card
New year card
Retirement card
School card
Sorry card
Sympathy card
Teacher card
Thinking of your card
Valentine’s Day card
Wedding card


3. GIFT PRODUCTS BUSINESS: aprons, mugs, wooden signs, and decorations. MANY CAN BE PRINT ON DEMAND OR SELL WHOLESALE

 POD(Print On Demand) cost is just marketing cost,

Wholesale – need inventory to sell



I just saw were several aprons that said “I am the secret ingredient.” “I feed all you A-holes with a grill on the apron,” “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”

Hand towels said “the most expensive part about having kids is all the wine you have to drink.”

Wooden sign “it’s All Fun until the beer stops” Happiness is a kitchen full of family.” “Bless this house.”

Retails for $9.99 cost of wood $1.00 and equal $8 profit, or sell wholesale to stores for $6 and make $5 profit.

Cups, dishes, and shot glasses with “the city and state on them, “MOM kind, friend, happy, amazing, beautiful, fantastic, etc.


COST FOR WOOD: $1 per piece, laser engraver/cutter from $200 to $500

Opportunities are endless, sell retail or wholesale:

RETAIL – selling direct to consumer

WHOLESALE – selling to a middleman (but can do much more volume and bigger orders)

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