How To Create Indestructible Income

Learn How To Build A Successful, Sustainable Business And Elevate Your Entrepreneur IQ.

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GET 5-DAYS FREE ACCESS – Black Entrepreneur Blueprint Academy is an online education portal comprised of online courses, trainings, webinars, and masterclasses to help you elevate your entrepreneur IQ with actionable content. Our content stretches from starting a business and learning basic business fundamentals up to and including scaling and growing your business to the multi-million-dollar level. The content includes full-blown courses, trainings, tutorials, and master classes taught by experts in their field. It also consists of a monthly live group coaching call with Jay Jones where you can ask questions and get feedback from the other academy members. 5-DAYS FREE ACCESS – Get five days free access to the academy and take advantage of all the amazing learning content inside. We have content for all stages of your business including marketing, finance, social media, basic business fundamentals, E-commerce, and more.

  • The Ideation phase
  • The Startup phase
  • The Launch phase
  • The Scale phase
  • The Exit phase

You have 24/7 365-day access to all of the curriculum and resources. If you have an internet connection and computer you are all set, The BEB Academy allows you to focus on areas of need and move from program to program based on your needs. New and updated content is added to the academy monthly to ensure you will be up to date on the latest educational resources.

Who Is This For?

The BEB Academy is for anyone who wants to launch, grow, and build your business regardless of what type of business it is. The Academy provides a solid foundation and the tools to grow and scale your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced entrepreneur, we have actionable content to help you grow.

Courses include:

  • Automated Lead Generation System Training – Learn how to get automated leads to sell your products
  • How To Use Quizzes To Sell Your Products And Services
  • How To Build A Successful YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn Success – How To Leverage LinkedIn To Get More Sales
  • A New Black Wall Street Fast Start Tutorial
  • Social Traffic Rush – Learn how to leverage social media for profit
  • Facebook Retargeting Mastery – Master Facebook retargeting
  • Basic Financials – Understanding Business Financials
  • Business Basics – Learn the basics of setting up your business from incorporation etc
  • Educated Ecommerce – How To Build An Ecommerce Business
  • YouTube SEO Mastery – Learn Search Engine Optimization and get more YouTube views 
  • Facebook Ads 3.0 – Everything You Need To know to run Facebook ads
  • And More


  • 5-Day Free Access – Try before you buy, get 5-days free access to everything in the academy, you have absolutely nothing to lose.
  • Improves Your Success Rate – Provides high level actionable educational content that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Saves You Money – by combining all the expert learning content in one place as opposed to have to pay for each program individually.
  • Partnership Opportunities – Allows you to develop relationships in the community with the other students – which helps you build your business by leveraging the synergies, talents, and possible collaborations with your peers.
  • Gets Results – Allows you to focus on your individual areas of need to grow your business.
  • Live Access to Jay Jones – Allows you live access to Jay Jones and other students monthly (monthly group coaching call) which will help clarify and answer any questions you may have.
  • Expert Content – all programs and content are done by experts in their field which ensures you are getting the highest-level content available which improves your success rate.


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Learn How To Build A Successful, Sustainable Business And Elevate Your Entrepreneur IQ.

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