Giving Up Good To Go For Great

Learn How To Make A Living From The Intersection Of Your Passion & Talent.

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Your “Genius” is the intersection of your passion and your talent. Most people would love to make a living doing what they love, but they just don’t know how to create that vehicle to monetize their “genius.” This comprehensive implementation program takes you by the hand as you will systematically develop your “monetization blueprint” which will allow you to live in your “genius” and not live by default.

Are you tired of working in a job that you can’t stand? Are you tired of working just for money? Are you unfulfilled at your current job? Do you know that this is not the life you should be living, but don’t know how to change your situation? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, this program is for you.

Pinpoint & Monetize Your Genius will take you by the hand and guide you from the point of identifying your “genius” to creating your winning products and or services. At the completion of the program you will have developed your personalized monetization blueprint which will help you to step away from your job, or current situation – and live in your “genius.”

Who Is This For?

This program is for anyone who is tired of settling in life. This program is for anyone who is tired of living by default and wants more out of life. This program is for anyone that wants to build their work around their passions and talents and live a more fulfilling life.

Modules include:

  • How To Identify Your Genius And Why It’s Important
  • How To Design Your Ideal Business For Success
  • How To Monetize Your Business By Developing Winning Products And Services
  • Marketing Your Products & Services
  • Resource Guide


  • Do what you love – make money doing what you love and stop chasing a paycheck
  • Aligns your life – by creating a situation where you can make a living doing what you were intended to do.
  • Relieves stress – by creating a situation that allows you to do what you love, do something you’re good at, and do something people will pay you for.
  • Increases happiness – by designing your life and aligning your work/life balance in the order that best suits your lifestyle.



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