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Learn How To Successfully Build A Physical Or Digital Products Brand.


BBA Elite is a flagship 15-week implementation program to assist you in building a successful, sustainable brand. Instead of selling single one-off products or services, building a brand provides more stability and consistency. As the owner of the brand, you are building your relationship between your customers and your brand. Just like you patronize your favorite brands, you can create a brand that people will love and support.

During this 15-week program, you will be given a new module each week to complete. These modules are designed to take you from point A to point Z and provide actionable steps to build your brand. When you complete the 15-week program, you should have your products and/or services ready for market and ready to sell. Pound-for-pound, this is the best learning content available to build your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced entrepreneur, this transformational program will revolutionize your business.

Who Is This For?

This program is for anyone specifically interested in building a product or service brand.
MODULE 1 – The Foundation
MODULE 2Designing Your Business Around Your Lifestyle
MODULE 3 – Creation Your First Product/Service & Brand Identity
MODULE 4 – Brand Identity & Market Identification
MODULE 5 – Building Your Database
MODULE 6 – Building Your Platforms
MODULE 7 – Selling Your Product(s) – Physical, Digital, and Services
MODULE 8Other Sales Platforms
MODULE 9 – Marketing Basics
MODULE 10Overview Paid Media/Advertising
MODULE 11 – Paid Media Platforms – Amazon, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads
MODULE 12 – Paid Media Platforms – Facebook & Instagram
MODULE 13Paid Media Platforms – Twitter and Microsoft Ads
MODULE 14 – Execution
MODULE 15 – Customer Service and Retention


Jay Jones

Jay Jones

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Learn How To Successfully Build A Physical Or Digital Products Brand.

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