“BEB Elite Mastermind” Opportunity And Escape Velocity – 5 Things To Create Escape Velocity In Your Business

Learn How To Successfully Build A Physical Or Digital Products Brand.

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Who Is This For?

This program is for anyone specifically interested in building a product or service brand.
MODULE 1 – The Foundation
MODULE 2Designing Your Business Around Your Lifestyle
MODULE 3 – Creation Your First Product/Service & Brand Identity
MODULE 4 – Brand Identity & Market Identification
MODULE 5 – Building Your Database
MODULE 6 – Building Your Platforms
MODULE 7 – Selling Your Product(s) – Physical, Digital, and Services
MODULE 8Other Sales Platforms
MODULE 9 – Marketing Basics
MODULE 10Overview Paid Media/Advertising
MODULE 11 – Paid Media Platforms – Amazon, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads
MODULE 12 – Paid Media Platforms – Facebook & Instagram
MODULE 13Paid Media Platforms – Twitter and Microsoft Ads
MODULE 14 – Execution
MODULE 12 – Paid Media Platforms – Facebook & Instagram


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Jay Jones

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