Closing The Racial Wealth Gap Through Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Diversity, And Career Development

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 360 as he talks with founder Medina Jett as they discuss her amazing entrepreneur journey, including the sale of her first company, making an impact, and closing the racial wealth gap. Visit and







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In this episode, I interviewed Ms. Medina Jett, the founder of We discussed several topics including:

  • Why she decided to leave corporate America for entrepreneurship
  • How she made a smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • She discussed the importance of having sufficient working capital to sustain in tough times
  • How she sold her first business for millions of dollars
  • How to navigate corporate America to position yourself for success
  • The importance of closing the racial wealth gap and the four areas she focusses on including; entrepreneurship, financial literacy, diversity, and career development
  • And much more

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