From Almost Being Fired To A Multimillion-Dollar Natural Haircare Company”

Mahisha Dellinger founder of

Mahisha Dellinger is a dynamic young entrepreneur who overcame difficult childhood circumstances to reach the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success. A common thread for many successful entrepreneurs is that of solving personal problems. When Mahisha couldn’t find suitable products for her natural hair, she did what any aspiring entrepreneur would do – she created her own solution. That solution, “Curls,” has blossomed from her garage to a multimillion-dollar company and her brand is now sold in hundreds of thousands of stores worldwide.

After an incident with her manager in her corporate day job, Mahisha decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands and bet on herself. After several years of building her brand, she was able to leave corporate America and devote her full attention to her business.

Join Jay as he interviews the founder of Curls, Ms. Mahisha Dellinger. Mahisha takes us on her amazing entrepreneurial journey which includes almost being fired from her job to starring in a TV show on the Oprah Winfrey network, to building a multimillion-dollar haircare brand. Visit


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